What do you do when life gets in the way of your dreams?

We’ve all been there- full of energy, excitement, and ideas after attending a class, workshop or conference.  We stay up late that night filling up notebooks with all the ideas and plans we have developed as a result of such an experience.  We wake up early the next day, still riding the wave of motivation.  Then it happens………life.  The life you had before attending the event shows up to pull you away from your dreams and back into the “too busy to dream” status you’ve lived in for years.  How do you break the cycle and see true success in bringing your dreams to life?

  1. TAKE A BREAK– Literally, just for one hour- stop everything. Check-out totally.  Remove yourself from all regular demanding environments (home, work, family, friends).  Get to a place that is calm, quiet, and relaxing. You may even just drive to the end of your street and park the car as you have your personal DO NOT DISTURB time.  This is a moment to press pause on all the demands of life and remind yourself of who you really are- HUMAN.  Don’t take any calls, actually power off your phone (like really-TURN IT OFF).  Powering off your phone is also symbolic for your mental powering down- just breathe.  Don’t think about all the things you must do, should be doing, or forgot to do.  Transition your mid from doing to being.  Be still.  Be quiet.  Be relaxed.  Be peaceful.  Be calm. Be free.  Do NOTHING.
  2. REMEMBER YOUR WHY AND FORGET YOUR WHAT– Think about your dream in full detail. Think about why you even started down this path from the beginning.  Why this business? Why this location? Why this customer base? Why did you start this? Sit with the answers to these “WHY “questions. Release all thoughts of other responsibilities and commitments.  Right now, just sit deeply with your dream.  This is your moment, your time, your break form life.  REMEMBER Why.
  3. REMIND YOURSELF OF WHO YOU ARE– If you have done my “I AM” exercise, this is the moment to pull out that list!! If you haven’t had the opportunity to complete this exercise, don’t worry, just begin to make positive statements about yourself.  Say them aloud so that you can hear the words: “I am smart”, “I am strong”, “I am resourceful”. Keep going as long as you can.  Bombard the atmosphere with a bold declaration of who you are.  Even if you have to repeat one statement over and over again- keep going.  Speak greatness into your life.
  4. REGROUP– Now that you have relaxed your mind and body; remembered why you began this journey to start your business; and reminded the world of who you are, let’s regroup:
  • Delegate one thing today and one thing tomorrow. No matter how small the task.  If it’s asking someone to drop off the kids, asking a co-worker to cover a project for the day, or even ordering pizza instead of cooking dinner- delegate one task today and one task tomorrow.
  • Schedule a 90-minute POWER SESSION with just you and your dream. If this means getting up early or staying up late just to have this time- DO IT!!  Give yourself the gift of time, focus, intention, and purpose.  90 minutes to work on your dream: updating your website, meeting with your business coach, writing a chapter in your book, or making client calls.  Dedicate this time to your business.
  • Reorganize your schedule, priorities, and commitments to include 2 things: ME TIME and DREAM TIME. Yes, it may mean taking other things off your schedule or moving things around to make this happen.  Revisit delegating some task to make room for yourself and your dreams in YOUR life.
  • Turn on your phone and realize that the world is still running. They lived without you for an hour!! It’s possible.  Don’t give up on your dreams!


This is one of those moments when we have to say whats on our minds, even when it may not be popular. Read to the end, and you will see my point.


I’ve seen so many post and blogs about self-care, even made a few myself.  Self-care is an essential part of the BOSS mindset.  We tend to give more to others than we give to ourselves, therefore, being intentional about our restoration and rejuvenation is important to avoid burnout.

With all that said, self-care and self-love are two different concepts.  Keeping your hair and nails on fleek or having a standing appointment at the spa……is that enough?  Looking good on the outside is an expense, self-love is an investment.  Look deeper at the things we deny ourselves because we are busy pouring into someone else’s dream.  Self-love is not selfish, it is self-full- to fil your heart with joy and serve others from the abundance of that joy.  We sacrifice our dreams, energy and resources on things that may be filled with great intention, yet not a true reflection of our hearts desires.

I’ve spoken with women who struggle with the notion of a $500 investment into learning a skill that will massively increase their personal and/ or professional value.  Yet these same ladies drop the same $500 on the latest handbag or shoes without a second thought.  I’ve seen people save up for a handbag, yet struggle to keep household bills paid.  This is in no way an attempt to throw shade on us ladies, (I love us), however I feel compelled to shine light on one of the ways we fail to find ourselves at the top, compared to our male counterparts when it comes to success.  I’ve seen first-hand how many men set a goal, understand the steps required to get to the goal and take action.  They have no problem investing in themselves to get to the next level.  The will give up fancy trips, car upgrades, flashy electronics and fine dining on a temporary basis to get to the goal.  Meanwhile, ladies ten to swirl in the sea of indecision on BOSS MOVES that are sure to improve quality of life in the long run.  Ladies, we must stand up to ourselves for ourselves. Talking ourselves out of things that have the most value in exchange for the thing that feel good in the moment.

Women say they feel stuck, trapped or overwhelmed when trying to redefine the future or walk in destiny, yet need a sign from the heavens to push them into actions with the best ROI.  We have been conditioned to spend instead of invest.  We have overlooked the best investment ever- OURSELVES!  The better you are, the better your bottom line…. point-blank-period.  If your bottom line is spiritual, mental, physical, intellectual, or financial- it reflects who you are on the inside.  While we don’t; think twice about dressing up the outside, we tend to leave the “inner work “undone and live frustrated when we see other passing us by on the road to success.  You can never go wrong when you invest in YOU.  It’s time for an internal upgrade: upgrade your skills, knowledge, network and net-worth.  It all starts with a decision, a decision to invest vs. expend your resources.  It’s never too late, until it’s too late.

Show the world your value and love yourself to life.  Release your dreams to flourish and unlock the joy of your destiny.  Stand up to yourself for yourself and get in the game.  Excuses are lies the keep you bound- BE BRAVE, BE BOLD, BE BRILLIANT, make your BOSS MOVE!


Working in your business vs working on your business- The Great Debate.

There are two great arguments on both sides of this debate, some feel that you are not a true BOSS if you are constantly working inside your business conducting day-to-day tasks that can be delegated.  Others feel that being an absentee- leader causes a breakdown in company culture and can impact quality of service delivery. So, who’s right?

My advice is that this is not an either/ or debate. This is a both /and requirement for the success of your  Small Business. You should never get so far removed that you actually live outside of your business. Both positions are necessary for a sustainable business.

To work in your business is to stay connected with your team, customers, product and vendors. To work on your business is to focus on systems, networks, growth and culture.

Many times, we are mesmerized with the CEO on the beach with a laptop bragging about making 6 figures with ease. However, that’s only a glimpse of the end, with no reference to the massive levels of work invested in the beginning of the process. It’s deceiving to sell someone a “6 figures in 6 minutes” dream. It takes most of us that long to take the perfect selfie.  Building a sustainable business is a detailed and strategic process. A process that if rushed, can be as weak as a house of cards- it can all come crashing down at any given moment.

The dream is to detach and reap the benefits and let the money come to you. However, the moment you stop growing your business, it starts dying. Some faster than others, yet still dying. A business is a creation that requires nurturing, without the proper care it will parish.

Establishing systems and strategies to work on both sides of this equation is critical for the sustainability of a business. 70% of small businesses are owned and operated by a single person. Yet, 50% of all small businesses fail within the first year.  There may be a correlation between the two- build a team to support your dream.  This is one of the fatal mistakes mentioned in the “ 5 Fatal Mistakes New Entrepreneurs Make Launching a New Business”.  It takes a team to grow a business to sustainability and keep it there. This allows the owner/ BOSS the opportunity to cover all aspects of business development and growth without the stress of doing it all alone. The BOSS is needed on both sides of the business, ignoring either will result in tragedy, if not immediately, than eventually.

Don’t ever get so Bossed up that you neglect your creation, it is a reciprocal relationship- feed it and it will feed you.

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We have heard it many times before, our words have power.  We see it in the world of advertising and politics, but do we really consider our words when we are in our personal leadership roles?  As a Boss we must remain aware of the words we use and how they impact our self image and perception by others.  Think about how often you say the following phrases:


  • “I DON’T KNOW”

This isn’t to suggest you are supposed to know everything about everything, however when your initial response to someone seeking your input is “I don’t know”- it shows a sign of inadequacy.  Yup- I know that no one is perfect or always prepared, but in moments when people are coming to you for solutions, you don’t want your first response to be “I don’t know” because that disqualifies you for being a resource.  You must be intentional on the way you answer the question.  Alternative responses can include-” You know who’s really great at that? Rachel, I will give you her info”.  This allows you to support your position as a Boss and provide direction for the best information source if that is not your area of leadership.  You always want to speak from a place of strength, and confidence- saying “I don’t know” does not reflect those character traits.

  • “I CAN’T”

This is a classic and it is more of an internal declaration you want to avoid, as opposed to how you are perceived by others.  One thing that helps you stand out in a crowd is confidence, it is one of those qualities that will help you rise to the top.  When you believe in yourself, others will believe in you as well.  When you say, “I can’t”, that’s you saying to yourself that you don’t believe in yourself.  Saying “I can’t “is declaring that it is impossible for you to “be”. This is a lie we tell ourselves at times when we feel fear and doubt in our abilities.  The road to success is different for each if us, however possibility lives in our belief.  If you believe your can- you can.  It’s just that simple.  It takes work, but it is possible. Some things require more work than others, yet it is all possible.  So, as a Boss, recognize the moments when we doubt ourselves by saying “I can’t”, use that moment to ask yourself “what will it take to make this possible?’  A simple shift in words brings life and intentions to a seemingly impossible situation.

  • “I’LL TRY”

When you are asked to commit to an event or task, we must speak with integrity and clarity.  Saying “I’ll try” is a cop out- because it really means no.  We say I’ll try to hide from the responsibility of disappointing others or yourself when you do not perform as expected.  Try is not a word that should be in the vocabulary of a Boss- you must be clear, and you must bring clarity to those that you are leading.  Using words such as “I’ll try”, “I can’t”, or “I don’t know” – it’s not a reflection of strength, empowerment, or confidence.  This prevents people from seeing your clearly as a leader.

  • “I FAILED’

I must give the disclaimer that I believe that there is only one path to true failure– To stop putting forth effort towards a goal.  To me, the only way to fail is to stop working towards success.  This is a big topic, (more than I can cover in this post) but I will give a concise explanation based on my theory of failure.

When situations do not produce the expected results, it is not a failure of the person, it is the result of using an ineffective strategy.  It took Thomas Edison, hundreds of attempts before getting the lightbulb to work.  He consistently changes his strategy until he reached a functioning product.  That’s what build success, the ability to shift strategy and continue your road to achievement.  Oprah had to change her strategy numerous times before her television network found success.  The bottom line is a Boss never fails- strategies fail, Bosses adjust.


  • “I QUIT”

A Boss doesn’t quit.  Quitting is an immature solution to a challenge. Because it’ an emotional decision.  When you are in a position of leadership, you don’t want to make decisions based upon emotion.  Making permanent decisions based on temporary feelings is defiantly not a BOSS MOVE. It’s not to say you do not have these feelings of frustration and other emotions, however, as a BOSS you do not let those emotions lead you- we are winners and winners never quit.  So, when you are facing a challenge and massive emotions arise, take a break.  The difference between quitting and taking a break is all in the purpose.  Taking a break is just that, taking an emotional break, clearing your head and coming back to the issue from a new perspective.  When a Boss decided that a situation is no longer worth the effort, that is an intellectual decision, not an emotional tantrum.  There will be times when the effort is not worth the results- this is a decision based on a full analysis of the situation, emotions are not the leading factor.  A Boss does not quit, a Boss withdrawals additional investment of her resources.

As a Boss, our role is to lead, bring clarity and confidence into situations.  The words we use can build strong companies, organizations, and communities.  Choose your words wisely, speak with integrity and dignity for yourself and those who follow you- SPEAK LIKE A BOSS.


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Boss Life: What a Friday

Today was one of those days when life puts you to the test.  My body was not adjusting well to all the temperature changes, my team had a long busy week, and an enemy has been working overtime to derail my peace.  Moments like this can either make or break you.  Emotions are flying high, energy is running low and the easiest solution seems to be- to just give up.  However, quitting is not an option, not for me.  Not for a Boss.  I am a winner and winners never quit.

I had to take a deep breath and remind myself of all the great and wonderful advice I give everyone else in moments like this- “just breathe and focus on what you can control in this moment.”  I began by reminding myself of who I am- reciting a list of affirmations I reserve for challenging moments: ” I am ambitious. I am resilient. I am resourceful …..” There are currently 58 affirmations on my list.  Doing this helped me refocus my mind, reduce emotions and find clarity I needed for the task at hand.  My team is looking at me for guidance, they have hit a wall on their ability to address the issue and it was time for me to #bossup.

Once I got my mind right, I was able to coach the team thru the strategy needed to resolve the issue and ease their concerns as well.  I made some calls to set the plan in motion, delegated a few tasks to the team in preparation of the next steps in the plan.  Emotions returned to normal, and we did what we do best- we win! Working together we implemented the plan and walked away with a higher level of confidence in each other and our mission.  There is nothing like a challenge to bring out the best in you.  Boss Life isn’t always about the cute posts you see on social media, it’s work- real work.  The rewards are great, but they come after great investments are made.  Don’t let the glitter fool you, it is created from a recipe of blood, sweat, and tears.

May you always remember your purpose and let destiny be your guide.


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This is the year we declared greatness in our lives.  This is the year we promised to stop procrastinating and GET IT DONE! This is the year we committed to launch our business.  We have made some great resolutions, now it’s time to start generating some amazing results.  As we come to the close of this second month of the new year, it is important to stay focused and encouraged.  Many of us have already blown our diets, stopped going to the gym, and have spent all the money we planned to save, so……… let’s not allow our dream of launching a business follow that pattern.

One of my favorite quotes is:” If you do what you’ve always done, you will get what you’ve always gotten” -Tony Robbins

This means it’s time to look a little deeper into our game plan for 2017.  Here are a few things to consider…

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This is the year we declared greatness in our lives.  This is the year we promised to stop procrastinating and GET IT DONE! This is the year we committed to launch our business.  We have made some great resolutions, now it’s time to start generating some amazing results.  As we come to the close of this second month of the new year, it is important to stay focused and encouraged.  Many of us have already blown our diets, stopped going to the gym, and have spent all the money we planned to save, so……… let’s not allow our dream of launching a business follow that pattern.

One of my favorite quotes is:” If you do what you’ve always done, you will get what you’ve always gotten” -Tony Robbins

This means it’s time to look a little deeper into our game plan for 2017.  Here are a few things to consider as we stay true to our dreams and truly make 2017 the year of the BOSS:

1.Trust your gut!! We’ve heard this many times before, but how many times have we overlooked that gut feeling and walked right into a pit?  Then we kick ourselves later, because we already knew we should have make a different decision. A valuable message to the Boss of 2017: Trust yourself. Trust your instincts. Step intentionally in the direction of your instincts.  You will find creativity, inspiration, and solutions on that path- just trust your gut to lead the way.

2.Do right by people, and people will do right by you. Maybe not the exact same people, but the good deed will be returned.  When launching a new business, it easy to get absorbed with what you need and what your business needs.  As a 2017 Boss, it’s important to remember to GIVE, not just receive.  Many people are in a hustle and grind mindset, which is necessary during a launch.  However, it is equally important to give and build relationships along the way. You never know who will help you out one day, so plant seeds of kindness along the journey.

3.Pay attention to who claps when you win. Not everyone that’s with you is for you. I usually keep posts light and positive, however, this is a topic that must be addressed. It’s a painful lesson but very valuable to have this in mind before it happens. This is just a note of caution, especially when sharing your dream. Guard your gifts and limit your inner circle.  In the post WHAT WOULD A BOSS DO?, I share the concept of developing a Boss Council.  Check out the full post for a full explanation, in the meantime, just pay attention to who is really for you and who is just hanging around.

4.Focus on possibilities, not limitations.  One of the main reasons we get off track with planning a business launch is that we start focusing on the limitations.  We stress about the time, energy, finances, and lose sight of the abundance of possibilities.  In my book,  “Think Like A Boss”– I share that one of the important keys to being a Boss is to be Open-minded. As a 2017 Boss, we must remain open to the possibilities, instead of complaining about the limitations.  There is a quote by Confucius which says- “ He who says he can and he who says he cannot, are both usually correct.”  We get what we focus on, if you want more possibilities- focus on possibilities.

Stay tunes for part two of this article coming next week.  In the meantime, get out there and be amazing!! This is your year!!




You’ve got your:

  • Basic 2 pager business plan
  • DBA established
  • Email marketing system
  • Social media plan
  • Basic website
  • Logo
  • Facebook page

Your all set to launch, right? The answer is yes and no.  Many 5 day start-up plans and other quick start systems can be misleading.  An eager entrepreneur can quickly fall victim to incomplete information, which can lead to an unsuccessful launch.  With all that being said, I have compiled a short list of fatal mistakes many new entrepreneurs make when launching a  new business.


#1- No solid plan for how initial revenue is to be used.  This is an easy trap to fall into, the minute the money starts to roll in, you start spending it. Without a plan, you will soon find yourself without the proper revenue to sustain the business and then looking for ways to keep the business going: dipping into personal accounts, running up credit, taking out loans- just digging a deeper financial ditch to pull yourself out of later- if at all.


img_2869#2- Being a One-Woman Band– In an effort to conserve money, most new entrepreneurs become the all in one business person- you do the product creation, sales, marketing, graphic design, distribution, accounting, ……. cleaning- everything.  Realistically it seems like an expected responsibility as a new launch- however, you will soon feel overwhelmed and start dropping balls in areas that will sooner or later be critical to the success of your business.
Infinity time spiral 15267876

#3- Under- estimated the amount of time needed to launch a business.  This is a biggie, especially if you are still working a job.  Ambitious entrepreneurs are usually very busy, especially women who have committed to any caregiving responsibilities.  The mistake is you erroneously believe you can squeeze building a business into an already tight schedule. This fatal mistake usually lead to a breakdown in business growth because not enough time has been spent nurturing the health of the business.


img_0375#4- Stop Grinding– Don’t lock the lid on your potential by thinking “I got this” and stop learning.  The moment you stop grinding, your business starts dying.  Grind Theory describes the endless pursuit of success.  Once you reach the top, it’s time to go to the next level.  continues growth and learning are essential to business success.


#5- You don’t have a business coach– shameless plug- but his is what I do.  Helping new entrepreneurs avoid such fatal mistakes and build a sustainable business.  The benefits of a coach will guide you through aspects of business development that may not be your strong suit.  For example, if you are opening a day spa, you may be great at product development, service implementation, and customer experience.  However, things such as payroll, quarterly reports, and health codes may not be in your area of expertise.  A coach is there to insure ALL aspects of your business are fully functional, therefore increasing the success and road to legacy status.  Without a coach, you are working with blind-spots, trying to self- educate in areas that require deeper levels of experience to successfully navigate.


As a new entrepreneur, don’t find yourself making these fatal mistakes, connect with a business coach that can teach you how to build a solid plan, build an effective team, build a time management system that works, and build your business knowledge-base along the way.

Click the link to register for your free- one on one 30-minute business building assessment- learn the areas where your business structure is strongest as well as areas that will need more attention. FREE ASSESSMENT


As an entrepreneur, it’s easy to get lost in the sea of do’s and don’ts on the road to success.  Here, I offer a few great tips on success that actually work and have absolutely nothing to do with business.

Get a pet– sometimes the road to success can get lonely. You need someone who can listen without judgement.  Pets make great listeners and they require you to get out of bed every day, even when you have decided to hibernate until Spring.  I’m a dog person and my fur baby doesn’t let me sleep in- Ever!!  She’s all about the rise and shine.  As an entrepreneur, getting out of bed can be the biggest task of the day at some points on the journey; having a pet makes sure that happens or you will have a literal mess to deal with later.Workout– As if you have time for that right? But really- working out has multiple benefits. It’s a great way to release stress and it builds energy and endurance that your body will need for the journey.  Exercise fosters creativity for a million brain-research based reasons I won’t bore you with.  Build your workout into your work schedule.  Block out one hour at the beginning or mid-day for exercise.  30 minutes to exercise and 30 minutes to shower, change and get back to work.  Think of it as a job requirement- hey you’re the Boss, make it work for you.Connect to a community service project– again as if you have time, right? By connecting yourself to an organization outside of your business, you will see the benefits of your hard work even when business isn’t booming. You will see yourself making a difference in an area that is meaningful to you.  That inspiration will feed you on days when business is less than kind.  Once a month- set a day on your schedule to work in the community, even if it’s just for a few hours.  The impact will reverberate within you and the community you serve.


  • Tax yourself-Taxes? You want me to pay more taxes?  Yes- this is your Boss Tax.  Establish a savings account at a bank in which you have no other accounts.  Establish a direct deposit according to a 5K/ year savings plan, depositing amounts from $20-$200/ week in varying increments.

This my friend is your FUN FUND!! Not to be touched until you reach your first 5k.  This is for the vacation you will need each year.  A true adventure.  A chance to get away from it all and recharge your batteries.  #besttaxever

  • Go to bed!!! As entrepreneur, we put in long hours on a daily basis. It’s part of the grind.  However, being sleep deprived will backfire on you and compromise your health.  Set at least 2 days where you can either get to bed early or sleep in, just to catch up on rest.  Otherwise, your body will decide for you:that important meeting you slept thru, the inventory drop you missed, the day you fell asleep on the train and missed your stop- yeah let’s not do that again.  Get to bed, life will be there in the morning.

Why are these tips so amazing? They round out your life as an entrepreneur, which at times can seem like a vortex of meetings, numbers, and expensive coffee.  Incorporating these practices into your routine will build outlets to relieve the stressful moments of entrepreneurial life.  The benefits for your body, community and family are priceless- this is a win-win situation.




The moment I heard these words come from the stage, everything in me shook.  It got my full attention, mind body and soul.  As one who can be a bit of a procrastinator, I realized that the excuses themselves were the roadblocks to my growth and success.

As a BOSS, our job is to get things done-period. There is no room or time for excuses and other self-sabotaging actions.  The 2016 Finish Strong Challenge is all about progress. How much progress can be made toward your goals with the remaining days of this year?  It is the core principle of the entire movement.  People have said yes to finishing strong in 2016, and amazing accomplishments have occurred.  However, it doesn’t have to be a new year to start making progress instead of excuse.  All we need is a new moment.  In each moment, we get to choose how we will spend the moment- will we continue a path of excuses and mediocre performance? Or will we choose progress and a life of success and possibility?  The moment is yours- so is the choice, what will you make: excuses or progress?



I attribute this quote to Tony Robbins; however, I’ve heard it used in other places.  The relevancy of this statement is profound for those of us who tend to get comfortable with the way things are.  When I first went into business, my primary goal with to create stability within the business to preserve the longevity of the business itself.  And I did that, successfully for 10 years.  But something was missing, things were stable, but there was no growth. As an entrepreneur, I got comfortable in my success and plateaued.  Not realizing that everything around me was moving, growing and changing until one day I realized I hadn’t achieved anything new in 10 years!!!  I wanted more and knew change was the only way to get it.  Sometimes, you must go against the flow of the comfy life to stir up a success you are more than capable of living.  Comfort is literally a slow death, movement is life.  Make a move that will give life to your life and enjoy the possibilities that await you.



This statement is very helpful when taking on large tasks.  Major change can be intimidating.  Launching or expanding a business is a huge task and sometimes it can get a bit overwhelming.  Yes, I said it- the “you can do it- cheerleader” said the O-word.  Overwhelming!!!!  It happens to all of us, but in those moments) and they are just moments) we must remember that even small steps count.  If you only made one client call today because you were pulled into caregiving needs for your family, take that one call as an accomplishment.  Everyday won’t be super productive- that’s just real.  But don’t let those unproductive days steal all your momentum.  Everyday won’t be massive success, but small wins over time will lead to great success.  Stay focused on the long-game and celebrate the small wins as well.


This is wisdom and simplistic all at the same time.  One of those things that seem practical until it’s time to do it.  Fear is a crippling enemy that holds many of us in places of despair.   We learn to live without our desires because we are too afraid to go after them.  We fear rejection.  We fear failure.  Sometimes we even fear success.  However, in life and in business, we must have courage to step towards our true desires.  Then and only then can we create the possibility of success.  Courage is a core ingredient of success.  Be brave, be bold, be willing to ask for what you want and pursue your dreams. Once you say yes to yourself, you will be able to have others say yes to your dreams as well.


As an entrepreneur, there will be ups and downs.  Good days and not so good days.  There will days we win and there will be days we learn.  The key is to never give up.  At one point in my business, I had no idea how we were going to make it- our major contract had been revised and it totally wiped out one of our locations.  After I picked myself up off the floor of defeat, I learned a lesson- it’s not over until I win!! (one of my favorite Les Brown quotes).  Putting these two valuable phrases to work in my business, helped me recover from that defeat.  It wasn’t the last challenge, but now I am wiser and stronger than ever.  I know that there is more than one path to my destiny.  When things don’t work out you don’t change the goal, you change the strategy. If you can’t run-walk.  If you can’t walk-crawl.  But never, never, never give up.



This is my personal mantra for 2017. Determined to never get comfortable in my success again, knowing that there is always more to do, more to learn and room to grow. Keep grinding, keep winning and keep shining- you deserve the best.