WWBD- What Would A Boss Do?


Recently, I have been up against some major decision in both my personal and professional life.  What I focus on the most during these times is “staying grounded”.  Under stress, it’s easy to make emotional decisions.  However, emotions can sometimes blind us to important aspects of a situation that should be considered when making major decisions.  Knowing I am not the only one facing major life decisions, I want to share my ENTIRE decision making process from one core consideration: WWBD? – What Would a Boss Do?

In moments where emotions begin to run high, I take a deep breath, close my eyes and consider: WWBD?  With this shift in emotional state, I take myself through the following 3 steps to making the ultimate BOSS MOVES:

  1. Be clear about what you want- They say “knowing is half the battle” and in this situations, I agree.  I honed this move from Jack Canfield- author of The Success Principles (also on the Boss Moves summer reading list).  In his book, Jack lists Principle #3- Decide What You Want.  Essentially, the point is to have your vision set before you go into battle.  Know the result you wish to see at the end of this process.  Do you want the newest equipment or do you want the best value for your money?  Do you want a fitness pro body or do you want to fit into your jeans from last year?  Knowing what you want will guide you through the rest of this process.  It may seem like a minor point to make, but if you are not clear about your destination, your decisions will be faulty.


2. Consider the situation from all aspects- Consider the short term vs long term impact of your decision. How will this matter in 5 minutes?  How will this matter in 5 months? How will this matter in 5 years?  This is such a key point to consider, especially when matters “seem urgent”.  Taking a pause to “think beyond the moment” brings such great perspective to a situation.  I like to take it a step further by also considering “multiple levels of impact”.  In an age where it seems to be “All about self”, taking the time to think about how a decision will impact the world around you is a true– BOSS MOVE.  Ask: How will this decision impact me personally? How will this decision impact my family/business partners? How will this decision impact the community?  Knowing the multi-dimensional impact of our decisions is imperative for making your BOSS MOVE.


3. Consult your Boss Council- Your Boss Council should consist of 3-5 individuals you trust, respect, and/or admire. Admiration is equally important for the Boss Council– if you think you are “top dog” in every circle, you have limited yourself and eventually failure will follow. Every student needs a teacher.  Every entrepreneur needs a mentor.  Every Boss needs a council.  Having people on your team that have achieved the goals you are pursuing is like having the “cheat codes” to the latest video game- you can’t help but win.  Consult your Boss Council, as their input will prove to be vital due to varied ages, experience, and intentions.  Having this small circle of trust will round out your considerations as you prepare to make your BOSS MOVE.


Finally, after you have a clear vision of what you want, you have considered all the facts, and consulted with your council…. Ask yourself: What Would a Boss Do? – and make your move Boss!!!

Author: TC_Coleman

Founder of Boss Moves International

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