I Ain’t Feeling It!

I ain’t feeling it…….This is the most frequent response given when a task is left incomplete or a commitment goes unfulfilled. “I’m just not feeling it” 

The truth is we won’t always “feel” like being responsible, integral, or loving. There are days we want to stay in bed. Times when you wish you hadn’t agreed to attend that event after work on Thursday. And occasions when you are upset and everyone knows it. 

All of this is true. All of this is real.  

Although I have a really great speech on the importance of discipline, today I just want to help you with a few tips to shift your mood and get you back to the goals you’ve set to enhance your life. 

1. Change your surroundings– leave the space you are in even if it’s just for 5 minutes. Preferably outdoors a quick change in scenery can give you a new perspective both inside and out. 

2. Pump up the volume. Everyone has that ONE SONG that no matter where you are and who’s looking you MUST sing along and maybe even dance. Be proactive and build a “feel better” playlist and keep it on reserve for these moments when you need a boost. Note- the louder you play the song, the better you feel. I don’t know why, but it WORKS!!! Currently, Just like fire by Pink is the one that gets me up and moving. 

3. Call in reinforcements. If it’s bad and a quick walk or impromptu musical number hasn’t shaken you out of your funk- it’s time to call in reinforcements – Level one. Pull out your favorite comedy movie/show and laugh until you can’t take anymore. 

Level two- call up that ONE PERSON who willingly listens to you ramble about all your cares and offers simple yet profound advice. Sometimes we just need to VENT. Letting it all out can ease stress and provide a refreshing approach to a stressful moment. 

4. For the introverts (like myself) JUST BREATHE. A short meditation/ prayer can refocus your thoughts, emotions and body. This is helpful when you cannot leave the room, throw a dance party, binge on Netflix, and that ONE PERSON you need isn’t available. Look within and find the source of your strength to soothe you in such moments. 

5. Wash it all away. At the first available moment jump into some refreshing water. A swim, cool shower, bubble bath or hot tub will do the trick. One super cool thing I did on a weekend getaway was a “therapeutic float ” OMG!! So amazing!!! Just relaxing and literally floating on a salt water pool!! An unforgettable experience. 

So if your day suddenly takes a turn down ” oh not today” road, pull out these helpful strategies to shift yourself back to “I got this” highway and enjoy this journey called life. 

Author: TC_Coleman

Founder of Boss Moves International

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