Plan Your Week Like A Boss

Sunday is my day to rest, reflect, and re-focus as the new week begins. Planning the week helps maintain focus, increase productivity, and reduce overwhelm. Here are a few tips to help you plan your week-LIKE A BOSS!

  1. Set your Mantra of the Week. 

The weekly mantra is a centering yet motivational thought that can help you remain focused on all that you plan to accomplish this week. 

2. Establish Your Non-Negotiable’s

Highlight 2-3 tasks that MUST happen this week to achieve expected success. These task become a “NO MATTER WHAT” mission for the week. 

3. Set a Self-Care Appointment 

Block out at least ONE HOUR this week for just YOU. This could be a quiet walk in the park; lunch by the water; a massage; a relaxing bubble bath; or a simple sign posted on the door that reads “DO NOT DISTURB”, while you enjoy a great nap. No matter how you choose to spend this time, it is crucial to honor yourself by keeping this appointment NO MATTER WHAT. 

4.Fill in All Other Events

This is the traditional planning activity of scheduling of work events, family events, social events, and routine appointments. Set reminders/alerts in your phone to keep you on task and enjoy your week- LIKE A BOSS!

Author: TC_Coleman

Founder of Boss Moves International

2 thoughts on “Plan Your Week Like A Boss

  1. I am enough! This is my mantra for the week. This week I am working on resting and healing my body. I just came home from the hospital after a 3 day stay and I seriously need to re-evaluate they way I take care of myself. My health is #1 right now. I have been taking care of everyone else and neglecting myself for way too long. It’s time to get it together. This is what I. Working on for now. I’m dedicated to winning in this game called life. Thnx Tammy for your encouragement and kind words. I finally hear you.

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