Are you a GRINDER? Grinders are those who have decided to commit to the actions that will breed success.  Although there are many opinions on the road to success among entrepreneurs,  I live by  what I call ” GRIND THEORY”.

GRIND THEORY-describes the endless pursuit of success.  Once you reach the top, it’s time to go to the next level; because possibilities are endless and abundance is real.

Some people want to attract success, others look for shortcuts, and some hardly show up for their dreams.  I believe in the GRIND. To be effective as a BOSS, here are a few tips to consider as we ” Stay On The Grind”.

  1. DECIDE WHAT YOU WANT- This is a chapter in one of my favorite books- ” The Success Principles” by Jack Canfield.  In the book, Jack notes-” One of the main reasons why most people don’t get what they want is they haven’t decided what they want. They haven’t defined their desires in clear and compelling detail”.  The concept seems simple, yet many of us are on cruise control the it comes to building  the life of our dreams.  We can be more reactive than proactive.  As a BOSS, we must know what we want and be clear about what our dreams look like in full detail, from where we will live, to what the house will smell like when you come home everyday.  Details matter.  Be specific as possible.
  2. COMMIT TO YOUR DREAMS-  Once you have set your vision, the GRIND begins.  The GRIND begins in the mind first; by committing to see your dreams come true, no matter what it takes or how long it takes.  A BOSS is relentless– WE DON’T STOP UNTIL THE JOB IS DONE.  Even more importantly, we don’t break promises to ourselves.  If we cannot be true to ourselves , what do we really have to offer the world ? So, the GRIND begins with a relentless commitment to our dreams.
  3. TAKE ACTION, LOTS OF ACTION- This is where the GRIND gets real.  To build the life of your dreams, you will need to work both HARD AND SMART, not one or the other.  Being a BOSS that is relentless in seeing your dreams come true requires MASSIVE ACTION!  Anyone who tells you otherwise is not keeping it real.  Some of these ” 6-figues in 6-days” deals are misleading because there is MASSIVE ACTION happening before you start the 6-day sequence, aka- THE GRIND IS REAL.  So yes, some of us are up at 4am, some of us are going to bed at 2am, some of us attend conferences as vacations, some of us attend networking events instead of happy hour.  THE GRIND IS REAL.  We Research, Study, Practice, and Execute.  We Research, Study, Practice , and Execute.  We Research, Study, Practice, and Execute. We don’t stop until we are living our dreams.
  4. SUCCEED AT BECOMING UNSTOPPABLE- A BOSS  that is relentless at seeing their dream come true is- UNSTOPPABLE.  This means, we don’t stop when “life” gets in the way.   I am very realistic in knowing that “life” can knock you flat on your behind.  However, the victory is in getting back up.  We all fall down, but a BOSS will rise again- stronger, wiser, and more determined than ever.  Seven months after I opened my business, my mom passed away unexpectedly- talk about a hit! Less than two years after that, I lost my father-another big hit.  Yes, I took time to grieve, but then I got back in the game because I knew the victory wasn’t just for me, it was to honor my parents. So on those dark, tough, and seemingly impossible days- go ahead and cry. but the GRIND doesn’t stop because your dream is still alive.  Off-schedule, behind schedule, or on a totally revised schedule- the destination doesn’t change, a BOSS is UNSTOPPABLE.
  5. REPEAT, REPEAT, REPEAT- Once you see your dream come to pass, set a new vision and start the process again.  THE GRIND IS REAL,  and it also never ends.  The moment we stop growing, we start dying.  Know that limits are a myth and possibility is the truth.  Hold your self to a standard of excellence  and remember at each step, there is alway room for growth. The moment you think ” I have arrived!”, the BOSS in you should ask ” WHAT’S THE NEXT MOVE?”

  If you are good, don’t stop until you are great.  If you are great, don’t stop until you are LEGENDARY!!

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Author: TC_Coleman

Founder of Boss Moves International

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