Boss Moves for the Creative Boss

Boss Moves for Authors,

Creative and Performing Artist



As creative entrepreneurs, we can sometimes feel left out of the “ get up and grind” crowd.  Motivation and inspiration come from what we produce instead of profit margins and sales quotas. However, creatives are apart of the Boss Moves community and we want to recognize you as fellow entrepreneurs in the journey.


Tips for the Creative Boss-


  1. Be Flexible– as artists we each have a specific sound, look, or style to our work. However, our skill-set is more vast than we may realize.  Being flexible and stepping out of the box, just a little, can open doors in ways like never before.
  2. Be Daring– sometimes we pass up opportunities for exposure because we feel we aren’t ready, or “ that’s not my audience”. You never know who is in the crowd, or who will see the video clip online.  Take the chance and be willing to fail-trying.
  3. Collaborate– days of competition are dying in most industries. As a creative, collaboration is a winning strategy to reach diverse audiences, find new inspirations, and build a network of fellow artist.


Boss Moves for the Creative Boss

  • Join the Finish Strong Challenge. Commit to active pursuit of business goals as we count down the remaining days of 2016. Find a free guide to jump start that process at
  • Network, Network, Network– don’t let the fear of competition keep you locked in isolation. Get out here and meet people. Visibility is an intangible asset in business growth.
  • Surround yourself with business- minded people. Meet-Up groups are a great way to connect with others who have similar interest. If you are more of an introvert (like myself), Facebook groups are a great way to connect. Dreambuilders of Boss Moves International ( ) , is a great place entrepreneurs to find support and connect with other business-minded professionals.  Click the link to join.



Author: TC_Coleman

Founder of Boss Moves International

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