Boss Moves for Fitness and Health Professionals

Boss Moves for Fitness and Health Professionals

This is the time of year where many of us lose control of our exercise and eating plans.  The temptations of sweets, holiday dinners,shopping and travel can impact our bodies and we pledge a fresh start in the New Year.  This becomes prime-time for fitness and health professionals.  Here are a few tips to help you prepare for the busy season in this industry:

Tips for the Fitness/ Health Boss

  • Your business is just like your workout– you get out of it, what you put into it. With so many options for fitness and health services, it is important to market your business. Don’t over look the business side of doing business- marketing is key to building and sustaining a client base. It’s not pushy to let the world know about your business, don’t be afraid to shine.
  • You have to stay committed. Just as in the daily exercise routine, there will be days you want to sleep in and binge on Netflix, however you have a goal to attain.  You cannot cheat on your business and win.  Respect your business as much as you respect your meal plan and success will show up.
  • Get a buddy– working out with a partner increases consistency, therefore increasing results. The same is true in business, having a mentor or business coach to keep you encouraged and consistent will improve your results and build profits.


Boss Moves for the Fitness and Health Boss

  • Join the Finish Strong Challenge. Commit to active pursuit of business goals as we count down the remaining days of 2016. Find a free guide to jump start that process at
  • Network, Network, Network– don’t let the fear of competition keep you locked in isolation. Get out here and meet people. Visibility is an intangible asset in business growth.
  • Surround yourself with business- minded people. Meet-Up groups are a great way to connect with others who have similar interest. If you are more of an introvert (like myself), Facebook groups are a great way to connect. Dreambuilders of Boss Moves International ( ) , is a great place entrepreneurs to find support and connect with other business-minded professionals.  Click the link to join



Author: TC_Coleman

Founder of Boss Moves International

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