Boss Moves for the Foodpreneur


The food industry is one of the most sensitive and specific fields around.  Originality is a must for survival. In business, just as in the kitchen, remember:


  • Follow the recipe, aka business plan. In this industry it is easy to get swallowed in the craft, yet the business is not thriving.  You can be a great cook, but not the best bookkeeper- trust me its very common.  Rely on your business plan to keep things balances, flowing and growing.
  • Put a cherry on top– Find a way to stand out from the crowd by offering your “original flavor” to the industry. Its great to be inspired by another chef, but don’t lose yourself trying to replicate someone else’s style.  Be you- you are awesome!
  • Everyone loves free samples- In business and in the kitchen, we need taste-testers to approve our product before adding it to the menu. Build a community of those your trust and respect to provide honest feedback on your business and use that information to take your business to the next level.
Small business owners with cupcakes in bakery shop

Boss Moves for the Food Boss

  • Join the Finish Strong Challenge. Commit to active pursuit of business goals as we count down the remaining days of 2016. Find a free guide to jump start that process at
  • Network, Network, Network– don’t let the fear of competition keep you locked in isolation. Get out here and meet people. Visibility is an intangible asset in business growth.
  • Surround yourself with business- minded people. Meet-Up groups are a great way to connect with others who have similar interest. If you are more of an introvert (like myself), Facebook groups are a great way to connect. Dreambuilders of Boss Moves International ( ) , is a great place entrepreneurs to find support and connect with other business-minded professionals.  Click the link to join


Author: TC_Coleman

Founder of Boss Moves International

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