ABC’s of a True BOSS

The ABC’s of a true BOSS

            Many people use the term “ BOSS” very casually. It’s become a descriptive for things that are good such as a favorite pizza, a new pair of shoes, or the latest upgrade on your smartphone- BOSS!            Then there is the traditional perspective of the word BOSS– such as the person in charge, supervisor, manager, or the person who signs the checks. Very familiar, right? In the Boss Moves International community, we define a BOSS as a business minded leader who radiates the following characteristics:
A- Authentic- A true BOSS is authentic. Open, honest, a real human who is confident and secure in who she is as a woman and a professional. She admits mistakes, and knows there is always room to grow. A BOSS is also real about what’s real, while some may hide faults and pretend to be perfect, a true BOSS embraces imperfection within herself and others.
B- Bold- A true BOSS carries a deep internal boldness. Not a surface, insecure, “gotta be seen”- attention seeker, but one who is confident in her skill, and ready to lay a championship level at any given moment. She’s not afraid to take risks, yet not reckless in actions or speech. She carries her confidence in her smile and stays on top of her game.

C- Compassionate
– Traditionally a boss cam be perceived as arrogant, stand-offish, self- centered, or rude. A true BOSS, a real BOSS, and authentic and bold BOSS is filled with compassion for family, community, and global citizens. Bottom line- “it’s not all about me”. A true BOSS is a helper, servant, and caretaker of the planet. Sharing and collaborating are her go- to skills and there’s always room in her heart for one more.

D- Dominant
– I know you may wonder how this authentic, bold, and compassionate woman can also dominate, as if it conflicts with her compassion. A true BOSS isn’t about dominating people, but dominating skill. That’s right, this lady is about her business. She has worked to achieve mastery in her field and continues to study and stay current on the latest happenings in her industry. When you think of business, of think of her. She is professional and the leader of her team. Always grinding. Always growing. Always shining.

A true BOSS is always on the rise and always expanding her reach. We are not pampered princesses propped up on a throne, we are boss ladies working diligently to build and sustain a world the reflects the vision of our hearts.

Author: TC_Coleman

Founder of Boss Moves International

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