Working in your business vs working on your business- The Great Debate.

There are two great arguments on both sides of this debate, some feel that you are not a true BOSS if you are constantly working inside your business conducting day-to-day tasks that can be delegated.  Others feel that being an absentee- leader causes a breakdown in company culture and can impact quality of service delivery. So, who’s right?

My advice is that this is not an either/ or debate. This is a both /and requirement for the success of your  Small Business. You should never get so far removed that you actually live outside of your business. Both positions are necessary for a sustainable business.

To work in your business is to stay connected with your team, customers, product and vendors. To work on your business is to focus on systems, networks, growth and culture.

Many times, we are mesmerized with the CEO on the beach with a laptop bragging about making 6 figures with ease. However, that’s only a glimpse of the end, with no reference to the massive levels of work invested in the beginning of the process. It’s deceiving to sell someone a “6 figures in 6 minutes” dream. It takes most of us that long to take the perfect selfie.  Building a sustainable business is a detailed and strategic process. A process that if rushed, can be as weak as a house of cards- it can all come crashing down at any given moment.

The dream is to detach and reap the benefits and let the money come to you. However, the moment you stop growing your business, it starts dying. Some faster than others, yet still dying. A business is a creation that requires nurturing, without the proper care it will parish.

Establishing systems and strategies to work on both sides of this equation is critical for the sustainability of a business. 70% of small businesses are owned and operated by a single person. Yet, 50% of all small businesses fail within the first year.  There may be a correlation between the two- build a team to support your dream.  This is one of the fatal mistakes mentioned in the “ 5 Fatal Mistakes New Entrepreneurs Make Launching a New Business”.  It takes a team to grow a business to sustainability and keep it there. This allows the owner/ BOSS the opportunity to cover all aspects of business development and growth without the stress of doing it all alone. The BOSS is needed on both sides of the business, ignoring either will result in tragedy, if not immediately, than eventually.

Don’t ever get so Bossed up that you neglect your creation, it is a reciprocal relationship- feed it and it will feed you.

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Author: TC_Coleman

Founder of Boss Moves International

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