This is one of those moments when we have to say whats on our minds, even when it may not be popular. Read to the end, and you will see my point.


I’ve seen so many post and blogs about self-care, even made a few myself.  Self-care is an essential part of the BOSS mindset.  We tend to give more to others than we give to ourselves, therefore, being intentional about our restoration and rejuvenation is important to avoid burnout.

With all that said, self-care and self-love are two different concepts.  Keeping your hair and nails on fleek or having a standing appointment at the spa……is that enough?  Looking good on the outside is an expense, self-love is an investment.  Look deeper at the things we deny ourselves because we are busy pouring into someone else’s dream.  Self-love is not selfish, it is self-full- to fil your heart with joy and serve others from the abundance of that joy.  We sacrifice our dreams, energy and resources on things that may be filled with great intention, yet not a true reflection of our hearts desires.

I’ve spoken with women who struggle with the notion of a $500 investment into learning a skill that will massively increase their personal and/ or professional value.  Yet these same ladies drop the same $500 on the latest handbag or shoes without a second thought.  I’ve seen people save up for a handbag, yet struggle to keep household bills paid.  This is in no way an attempt to throw shade on us ladies, (I love us), however I feel compelled to shine light on one of the ways we fail to find ourselves at the top, compared to our male counterparts when it comes to success.  I’ve seen first-hand how many men set a goal, understand the steps required to get to the goal and take action.  They have no problem investing in themselves to get to the next level.  The will give up fancy trips, car upgrades, flashy electronics and fine dining on a temporary basis to get to the goal.  Meanwhile, ladies ten to swirl in the sea of indecision on BOSS MOVES that are sure to improve quality of life in the long run.  Ladies, we must stand up to ourselves for ourselves. Talking ourselves out of things that have the most value in exchange for the thing that feel good in the moment.

Women say they feel stuck, trapped or overwhelmed when trying to redefine the future or walk in destiny, yet need a sign from the heavens to push them into actions with the best ROI.  We have been conditioned to spend instead of invest.  We have overlooked the best investment ever- OURSELVES!  The better you are, the better your bottom line…. point-blank-period.  If your bottom line is spiritual, mental, physical, intellectual, or financial- it reflects who you are on the inside.  While we don’t; think twice about dressing up the outside, we tend to leave the “inner work “undone and live frustrated when we see other passing us by on the road to success.  You can never go wrong when you invest in YOU.  It’s time for an internal upgrade: upgrade your skills, knowledge, network and net-worth.  It all starts with a decision, a decision to invest vs. expend your resources.  It’s never too late, until it’s too late.

Show the world your value and love yourself to life.  Release your dreams to flourish and unlock the joy of your destiny.  Stand up to yourself for yourself and get in the game.  Excuses are lies the keep you bound- BE BRAVE, BE BOLD, BE BRILLIANT, make your BOSS MOVE!

Author: TC_Coleman

Founder of Boss Moves International


  1. Thank you Tammy for stepping out on Faith to go to the next level in your life. I appreciate your passion to uplift Women and for having the desire to help Us succeed. I can’t wait to see what GOD does through and for you.

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