The Boss Lady

Founder of Boss Moves International, Tamaira is a tenured executive who has broken barriers throughout life to build a legacy for her family.  Opening her first business at 30 years old, she has also served as a: corporate trainer of 10+ years, speaker for various women’s organizations, Small Business coach, and Best Selling Author- Tamaira has successfully overcome the shifts and situations of business life.  Maximizing on her executive experience, Masters level education, and undeniable passion for all things BOSS.  Tamaira delivers corporate level content with the heart of a BFF(Best Friend Forever).  Her mission is to be bold, using her gift of transformational speaking to empower women around the world to live their dreams and by doing so, also achieving freedom to soar.  This audacious and compassionate boss lady is the “full package in HD” (high demand).

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