Thinking Possibility


            My mission today is to ask you to think.  Think about all the things you planned to do “one day”, that has yet to happen: the vacations, home ownership, degrees, family, music career, or even starting your own business.  Think about the vision boards and resolutions you made at the beginning of the year.  Think about the birthday promises you have made to yourself.  Think about the silent prayers you keep hidden in your heart.

We have been distracted into admiring the lives of others via the internet and reality TV.  We can spend hours, days, or even weeks’ binge watching all the episodes of the people we hate to love or love to hate.  Yet when it comes to making our own lives irresistible, we many times give up too soon and settle for a life that is less than the one we envisioned.

What will it take for you courageously act upon building the life of your dreams? Many of us get to a place of comfort and settle for” good enough”, when deep in our hearts we know “there’s more” waiting for us out in the world.  Some of us feel that our dreams are impossible, too many obstacles standing in the way, so we don’t even try.  We live each day with “dead dreams” rusting away in our hearts.  Think about how you would feel if even just one of your dreams ever came true.

Ultimately I tell you that it is possible.  Yes, you have tried before, and haven’t seen the success you expected.  But again, I say- “It is possible”.  It is possible to go on that vacation, buy that house, or even finish that degree.  I won’t mislead you by using words such as: “simple”, “easy”, or even “fast”.  The word I want to leave in your heart today is “POSSIBLE”.

It is possible to launch your music career (no matter your age).  It is possible to publish the book you’ve been working on for years.  It is possible to reach your health or fitness goals.  It is possible to start that business you just can’t stop thinking about.  It is possible to see your dreams unfold right before your eyes.  It is all possible, and today I invite you to boldly accept that possibility.  It is ok to think about it again.  It is ok to remember the designs for your dream home.  It is ok to pull out the notebook filled with ideas, plans, and hope.  It is ok to believe in the possibility of your dreams.

            The Boss Moves Blog is here to encourage us to live boldly and to be courageous as we dare to go after our dreams.  Today ,I  ask you to thinkThink about the dreams deep in your heart and ask yourself:


“What is the one thing I should change in my life that can set my dream in motion?”


Taking the time to honestly answer that one question is a major Boss Move.

This is your dream- MAKE YOUR MOVE!

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