Synergy Circle- Monthly Membership Access

This one time payment gives you access to the Synergy Circle event for October 2017


Get the inside track to building your billion dollar empire, regardless of current circumstances.  Learn how your dreams still qualify for success.  Release excuses and discover the secret to making  that epic BOSS MOVE and NEVER LOOK BACK!!

The Synergy Circle is not for everyone, this elite group is specifically for ladies who are:

  • Ready to take the cap off your income and step into the world of FINANCIAL FREEDOM.
  • Ready to maximize your gifts, talents, and skills to build your own EMPIRE.
  • Ready to release excuses and get on your grind to live in true SUCCESS.
  • Ready to build a business connected to YOUR passion and purpose.
  • Ready to EXPERIENCE life on a whole new level.

So, if you are still hiding behind excuses, comfortable at your J.O.B ( just over broke), counting down to retirement so you can THEN start living your life…..yeah this is not for you.  However, if you know like you know that tomorrow isn’t promised, today is a gift and your future is what YOU make it- then it’s time to join the circle.


Join the Synergy Circle to access:

  • Monthly  Live Masterclass sessions with some of the Top Boss Ladies in the industry.
  • Q&A Session at the end of every masterclass session= live coaching with Executive Coaches.
  • Discounted admission to all LIVE BOSS MOVES INTERNATIONAL events.
  • Network of phenomenal women, just like you, putting in work to up-level their status in the business world.

Join the Synergy circle for only $15/ month and get in on this invaluable resource.

Masterclass Sessions begin September 18th 7:30pm EST (every 3rd Monday of the month)

September Masterclass:

Founder of Boss Moves International, Tamaira Coleman


Masterclass Topic- ” Think Like A Boss- Get Your Mind into the Billion Dollar Game”

Join the Synergy Circle and get in on this game-changing opportunity to tap into a network of women on Billion Dollar Grind.




Nicole is an accounting and finance expert, Founder of ” ConstructHer Enterprises, Bestselling Author, and has served as an  accountant to Federal Reserve Bank, AT&T, General Motors, Sprint, and other Fortune 500 companies- Nicole is ABOUT THAT MONEY!!

Join us on October 23rd at 7:30pm est as she shares some Boss Level financial tips.



Synergy Circle is having a GLOBAL IMPACT in the lives of women and children.  A portion of your monthly membership fees will go to support the following foundations:

Each month our membership fees Sponsors a child in Serria Leone to attend school with a uniform and shoes, access clean drinking water at school, hot meals at school, medical care at school.  These are thing we take for granted, but now we have the opportunity to support others as we grow.

Also the Synergy Circle sponsors a child in Haiti with the Mission for Haiti foundation.  Again this child will receive food, clothing, medical care, and an education.  Let’s support this foundation as we uplevel our lives, we can help a child on the other side of the world do the same. Join Synergy Circle Today .



Synergy Circle- Monthly Membership Access

This one time payment gives you access to the Synergy Circle event for October 2017